Meet the Expert säsong 2 avsnitt 10

Meet the Expert säsong 2

Avsnitt 10 av Meet the Expert är precis lanserad

Gå in på https://anchor.fm/pig-production och lyssna till Kristian Havn, som talar om Bioesecurity: Online pathway to Pathogen Stop.

Avsnitt 10 (säsong 2):

Episode 10

"We have re-introductions of diseases in some of our farms every year, so something must be done to improve biosecurity...our plan is to evaluate all 1,220 farms that we consult"

Dr. Kristian Havn is a swine veterinary practitioner with the Porcus practice in Denmark who has pioneered an innovative programme to improve biosecurity on the swine farms that he advises. In English, the programme's name translates at Pathogen Stop. Its basis is an online survey form completed by the veterinarian in consultation with the farmer. The original idea was to make a system for evaluating biosecurity at farm level regarding PRRS virus, Dr. Havn explains in this podcast. But it has been extended to cover all pathogens, including APP, swine influenza, mycoplasma and even African swine fever.

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